Flora Development

We like to call ourselves a “craft” developer. This means we are ambitious and bound by a strong team spirit, thoroughly selecting the projects we work on and the contractors we deal with. Having only reliable financing partners, we can develop our projects responsibly and down to the finest details.


We are fully aware that our projects will remain in the public space for many years from now, becoming a testimony of our work. We believe that deep knowledge of the chosen locations and the values we follow will help our projects better serve their residents in the future.

A craft approach

The careful refinement of every detail with respect to the architecture and urban planning allows us to create authentic and unique projects worthy of true master craftsmen (and craftswomen!).

Designing on a human scale

We never take the size of a project as our final goal. We want our projects to be welcoming to city residents and well thought out, both in terms of integration with their immediate surroundings and carefully planned fine details.



The Meteora Alternative Investments Capital Group invests in residential and commercial real estate. Its profits are obtained through development projects and managing a steady income-generating real estate portfolio.

King Cross

The King Cross Center Company was founded in 1993. It focused mainly on shopping centre investments for the first few years. With the launch of subsequent projects, the company’s portfolio has expanded and now includes hotels, resorts, and residential apartments.