Our mindset

We strive to create places that are authentic and close to the people. Our contribution to the future of modern cities will be based on sustainable development with respect for local communities, and giving them new, unique experiences.

Natural spaces

A well-designed space supports every community’s organic growth. When creating our projects, we always keep the local communities’ needs in mind.

Residents are not the only group that uses the space we create. When creating a project, we must also consider our neighbours, ordinary passers-by, and every person who would interact with them.
Maciej Sobieski

Tradition and History

Our projects open a new, modern chapter in the city’s living tissue. We can continue its history instead of trying to rebuild it.

We analyse each project in terms of history and do everything in our power to deliver a beautiful continuation.
Rafał Mazurek

A Passion to Create

The passion for creating exceptional buildings drives our projects. Every detail is a creative challenge, motivating us to reach further and continue to improve.

In 10 years, I would like to show my daughter the projects I have been participating in and know that they will still make a good impression on her.
Dominik Różański

In our own time

We never hesitate to put more time and effort into our projects to create places that will make us proud in the future.

Adding value to our projects

Working as a team

Our team is involved in every project stage – from purchasing a plot to handing the property over to the new owners.


We carefully select trusted local partners who understand the needs and specifics of a given market and pay as much attention to detail and quality as we do.

Knowledge sharing

To guarantee the best possible result, we focus on the free flow of knowledge and skills among our team members and partners alike.

Organic growth

We always put the community’s needs first when making decisions regarding architecture, space, and even brand communication. Keeping in mind the cultural context helps us choose the right services.

User Experience

We create our projects with such care and commitment as if we were to be their future residents ourselves.